Youre only as strong as your grip!

Youre only as strong as your grip!


🔥 How many times has your grip given out before other muscles when working out? Do your forearms and hands give out during trap exercises, deadlifts or even bicep curls?

🔥 You’re only as strong as your grip.

🔥 Over half of the muscles in your body are designed to help you in hanging and lifting stuff off of the ground.

🔥 Most of the time it’s your grip that exhausts first, limiting the amount of work you can put on your pulling muscles.

🔥 Your grip also affects your pushing muscles.

🔥 Your body keeps your overall muscles relatively balanced. Your pushing muscles can only become as relatively powerful as your pulling muscles. So, a stronger grip can lead to stronger pushing muscles too!!

🔥 A powerful grip can even affect your core! One of the most effective ab exercises is the toes to bar or a gorilla crunch. Without a strong grip, it becomes nearly impossible to do right!

🔥 So next time you hit the gym, drop the straps and silly gloves and add in some new grips!

xo Coach Jen

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