Our Instructors

meet the team

Our Instructors

meet the team


Jen DiCandia

I live and breathe fitness, I am a self-proclaimed gym rat. I started my fitness career in San Diego when I moved cross country after college. While in San Diego I discovered my true passion…helping others live a happy healthy fit lifestyle! I moved back to MA and met my husband…and well the rest is history. I am now a mother of 3 little ones, our family lives the life, we walk the walk. Upon moving to MA I opened up a small studio on my own and quickly outgrew the space and expanded into larger facilities with a team of NV trainers. I created NV with the goal to create the perfect fitness experience for our clients. Personally I have placed top 5 in many Figure and Bikini competitions, triathlons, half marathons, obstacle races….if there is a competitive edge I am there. “Nothing in life is accomplished without passion”

– BS Health and Nutrition
– NASM certified personal trainer
– ISYA certified youth trainer
– TRX certified


Erin Garceau

At the age of 4, my parents introduced me to soccer and I instantly fell in love with the sport. As I grew older, I played on the MA ODP State Team and played premier for the Boston Bolts. My coach saw a leader in me, named me captain and we hustled our way to Nationals coming in 3rd place. I was recruited to play for the UMass Lowell Women’s Soccer team and played for 3 strong years but received my 5th concussion causing me to red-shirt my senior year. This concussion also ended my soccer career as I was told I was no longer allowed to play the sport. From this devastating news, I found my love for lifting and coaching and have been doing both ever since. I am addicted to endorphins whether it’s being at the gym, hiking with my dogs or running around with my U-12 girl’s soccer team. It is my passion to become the healthiest version of myself and to help others lead a healthy life.


Allie Lamontagne

My passion is fitness and helping others become the best version of themselves. I often find it challenging to not talk about the gym or healthy habits. My favorite thing is when people come to me with questions or just want to tell me how they’ve recently become active and how good it feels! I live for the positive healthy energy that comes from living a healthy and active lifestyle! I grew up playing soccer and running track. I have my BA in Communications and Marketing, but I am most proud of being a Certified Personal Trainer. My goal of helping others start and maintain a fit lifestyle is my true pride and joy!



Linnea is a Body Arts and Sciences International Certified Pilates Instructor. She grew up in Canada, England, Singapore, and Santa Barbara. Across these moves, formal dance training provided an important constant and introduced her to Pilates. She was attracted to Pilates by its emphasis on the mind/body connection and strength building. Inspired by Pilates’ ability to rehabilitate her body and enhance her well-being through her first two pregnancies, Linnea completed pre and postnatal Pilates training at EHS Preggo Pilates in San Francisco. This training furthered her practice and enhanced her knowledge during her third pregnancy.

Linnea has been teaching Pilates since 2009. She aims to inspire, support, and guide clients, beginner to advanced, as they increase whole body awareness, remediate imbalances, enhance strengths, and move with integrity. When working with Linnea, clients can expect a climate of warmth, acceptance, and sensitivity to their needs and goals.

Linnea views the practice of Pilates as a lifelong pursuit. She learns from and finds inspiration in her fellow teachers and through regular workshops, seminars, and conferences. When she is not practicing or teaching Pilates, Linnea enjoys time with her three sons and her husband, cooking, swimming, dancing, music, art, and hiking.


Jenna O’Toole

Jenna O’Toole has been a fitness instructor in group fitness classes for over 12 years. She lives in Sterling with her 8 year-old twin boys and her 4 year-old daughter and their dog, a Boxer named Maverick. Aside from spending time with her family and shuffling her kids to their various sporting events, Jenna enjoys spending time outdoors, running and hiking, reading, and cooking. She has a Masters in Marketing and a background in outside sales. She has been with the Sterling NV location since it’s opening and enjoys working with the amazing clients and helping each and everyone achieve their fitness goals!


Tarsha Stone

I’ve been an exercise enthusiast for many years. In 2014 I became a certified group exercise instructor. In 2015 I took the next step and became a certified personal trainer. I am extremely passionate about making fitness fun and functional at any age. Seeing clients achieve their goals is my top priority. I believe getting someone out of their comfort zone is a key factor in achieving better health! When I’m not in the gym I’m spending time with my 5 year old daughter.



In 2009 Amy knew she had a true calling for nutrition and physical fitness not only for herself but others. That’s when she realized this was her true love and it was time to share the fun.


Over the past decade she has competed in 15 fitness competitions, worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, coached hundreds of women for competitions and lifestyle goals. Currently her full time job is a medical sales professional.


She loves all dogs and currently has two Buggs with her husband Jamie -Thor and Waldo.

What can I say – through and through I’m a gym unicorn and love helping others be and bring their best.



Stacie Venagro is a Certified Fitness Professional who is the reigning FIVE time World Fitness Champion and 2014 Fitness Universe Champion. She has carved her place in history as the only all natural athlete to ever win back to back multiple World titles and championships.


As an elite and master trainer as well as a gym owner, in New England, Stacie is responsible for coaching weekend warriors, athletes and women and men who are seeking physique transformations, through weight loss and lifestyle changes.


Stacie’s athletic background and knowledge covers a wide variety of sports including gymnastics, cross country, basketball, dance and weight training. She has been involved in gymnastics and dance for the last 25 years and coached and choreographed hundreds of young students and adults to success.


She believes in living by example for the younger generation and to instill healthy habits both in the gym and in the kitchen.

Stacie’s initial passion for fitness was personal. She initially learned about personal training at the age of 18, as many of her family members were struggling with obesity. At a young age, she took control of her future, and decided to live a healthy lifestyle. While improving her own health, she inspired both her family and friends and she has remained a source of motivation, and empowerment for her wide span of clients who range from teenagers to senior citizens.


As a well known trainer, Stacie is known for tough love, but there is “more love than tough” in her philosophy. “I am committed to treating every client like family. I want them to not only transform physically, but I want them to take control of their life emotionally and spiritually. My greatest gift I can give is to show my clients that fitness goals can be fun, and something that can last a lifetime.”


Stacie is now a mom and helps tons of women all over the world transform their bodies post baby. She understands the female body and what it’s gone through during pregnancy. As she knows first hand, patience is key. As much as we all went to go back to our pre-baby weight bodies we have to give ourselves time to get there. Your body just created a human and that’s an amazing gift that didn’t happen over night.


Lastly, Stacie has been featured in magazines around the world. She has been featured in Oxygen Magazine, Natural Muscle Magazine and Strong Fitness magazine. She contributes an article every month to ShopRI to educate others on health and well-being.


Lauren Casavant

I’ve been coaching for 18 years, along with being a competitive athlete myself. I swam, ran, and completed at top level for obstacle course racing. I’m an endurance athlete, having run 10 marathons and done a handful of 24 hour events.

My goal as a coach is to help clients become the best version of themselves. I believe that everyone deserves support while they build their own healthy habits and that simple movements can bring balance and wellness to our lives.

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