What is this Metabolic Conditioning thiiiing?

What is this Metabolic Conditioning thiiiing?

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Metabolic Conditioning

by Jen DiCandia

What it is not?

Lets first cover what metabolic conditioning is not. Metabolic conditioning is not interval training. Metabolic exercise is also not aerobic exercise. If the body is not being pushed into the anaerobic zone at times, you are not doing metabolic conditioning. If you are taking long rests between sets, avoiding elevating your heart rate, and your workout lasts longer than 40 minutes, then you can be pretty sure you’re not doing metabolic exercise.

What it is?

Metabolic conditioning is pretty bad @$$!  When you are doing it you will know it.

In these types of movements you are not aerobic or anaerobic you are both. You will spend periods of time in the aerobic zone and periods of time above the lactate threshold. You are not just doing cardiovascular training or resistance training you are doing both. Your not isolating any particular area of the body, you are simultaneously exerting every muscle you have available. You will be moving up, getting down, exploding through a set of heavy squats, repping out as many push-ups as you can, and blasting through a 1-minute sprint. And all of this will be done with little rest between exercises. You will usually be carrying some sort of weights with you throughout the workout, abandoning them only briefly to complete a sprint drill or two.

The Benefit

Metabolic exercise is about burning the maximum amount of FAT calories possible during a workout. It is also about generating a metabolic “ripple” effect that will burn fat for many hours after the workout.

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