Step away from the SCALE!

Step away from the SCALE!

BLOG – Step Away From That Scale!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again 1000 times over… Step off the scale! Hear me out though!

I get it… some people need to know their weight. To those people, I say weigh yourself on the same day and time, once a week. Our bodies fluctuate naturally day by day and even hour by hour. The amount of food you eat and liquid you drink vs. how much you sweat and go to the bathroom all play a big part in that. Although, over the course of a week, any solid weight changes, whether good or bad, will be looking up at you from the scale’s evil face. With that in mind, the scale tells you how much you weigh, not how fit you are.

There are better ways I promise! You will know you are getting fitter and stronger when challenging exercises are no longer challenging or when you’re not huffing and puffing as much in that cardio class. That’s called perceived exertion and it’s a no-brainer. Another no-brainer is your clothing size. Are those work pants getting tighter or looser? Does that shirt button easier around the neck, or no? Subtle changes in your clothes show you a difference in your body composition…  differences that your “weight” will not show you.

Lastly, try progress photos. Save your duck-faces and selfie sticks for social media. I mean front, back and side photos that you can compare as time goes on. Periodic before-and-afters will show you more than “what you see in the mirror”. You get to see yourself as other’s see you and that’s powerful!

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