Steady State vs. HIIT cardio

Steady State vs. HIIT cardio

Derrick DiLuzio

Cardio: Steady State vs HIIT

If your anything like me you have spent countless hours wondering what the optimal training style is. In an increasingly busy world efficiency is key and everyone should want to make sure their time is being well spent.

A recent steady done by Carl Foster, Ph.D., and his team of researchers in the Department of Exercise Sport Science at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse has aimed to clear this issue up. The study took 65 untrained (minimal exercise over the past 3 months) individuals and separated them into three groups; Steady State, Tabata, and Meyers (30 seconds work 60 seconds rest).

What the study found was that all three groups posted a positive response in several measured outputs, including VO2max, exercise capacity and power output. In terms of VO2max all three groups saw an increase of 18-19% increase. In terms of exercise capacity the Tabata group recorded a 10% increase, the other two groups a 7% increase. And finally power output; Tabata group again led the way with a 7% increase, Meyers group a 6% increase, and steady state a 4% increase.

So what does this all mean? Well, regardless of which form of exercise you choose to begin your journey with, you will yield positive results. Tabata group does have a slight advantage over the other groups but not enough to warrant a necessity to train that way. The moral of the story is to pick the exercise type you enjoy most because that is the type you will be most likely to stick to and enjoy throughout your exercise program. And remember and your results will be a direct reflection of the effort you put in.

Cardio up! Coach Derrick

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