Change your habits…change your energy levels!

Change your habits…change your energy levels!

Most of us rely on coffee or energy drinks to get us through the day. Yes, they help, but then we crash! Instead of relying on stimulants to keep us going, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves why we have no energy? Nutrition, sleep, and water intake are so important for us to maintain energy levels through out the day.

So take a close look at these three things and see what needs to change. Sleep is SO SO SO important, we need 6 to 8 hours of sleep ( too many stimulants in a day can keep us from getting a a good nights sleep). Make sure your eating breakfast  (its called breakFAST for a reason), as well as several small meals throughout the day. Eating every few hours keeps us from feeling hungry and eating bad food on the fly.  Simply being hydrated can help us stay on our toes mentally and physically. When we get enough sleep, water, and the correct nutrition our bodies need, we don’t need stimulants to keep us going. For me having a coffee is just a habit, i’ll stick to my one cup of joe in the morning and thats it!

Try and change your habits one day at a time and see how your energy levels climb to the top naturally!


Keep it fierce, Dee

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