Grilled Turkey Pepperoni & Arugula Pizza

Grilled Turkey Pepperoni & Arugula Pizza

Now that the weather is warming up I’m pumped to bring back my favorite way to make pizzzzza!!!  On the grill!!!

And this grilled turkey pepperoni & arugula pizza is up there with top fave combos!!

Enjoy! xo Jen


1 ball pizza dough, I use a gluten-free dough
1/2 to 1 cup organic tomato sauce
Shredded cheese of your choice
Arugula, turkey pepperoni or any other toppings!
Olive oil



Heat the grill on high.

Prep your dough: It should be stretched or rolled out into a thin circle.

Brush the dough with olive oil: Brush one side of the dough with oil; this is the side you’ll lay down on the grill.

Grill one side of the pizza: Lay the dough round on the grill with the olive-oil side down. Brush the top of the dough with a thin layer of olive oil, too. Let the dough cook for about 3 minutes, with the lid off, or 1 to 2 minutes with the lid on. Use tongs to lift up the dough from time to time, checking on how it is doing.

Top the pizza: Flip the dough over with the tongs or spatula. The dough should come up easily and flip without ripping

Cook the pizza: Put the lid on and cook for 3 to 5 minutes.




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