What goals are you setting in 2018?

What goals are you setting in 2018?

With the holidays ending it’s time to start thinking about your goals for new year. What do you want to accomplish in 2018?

Here are my 5 tips to setting goals
1 Pick something specific (aka instead of just saying you want to get stronger your goal could be – to get stronger AT deadlifting)

2 Pick something you can measure your progress on (you can measure how heavy you’re lifting each time)

3 Pick something attainable for you. For example, if you currently deadlift 135lbs, don’t set your 2018 goal at 500lbs, maybe shoot for 185lbs!

4 Pick something relevant to your life . If you don’t have a dog , don’t make your goal to walk your dog more often 😜 as that’s irrelevant to YOU! (If you don’t have a dog though, get a dog)

5 Pick something with a deadline . For example, deadlift 185 by April 1st .

Once you have your goal, from there, make a plan on how to get to the finish line!! For example, “I’m going to work on deadlifting every Saturday starting now”

Let’s CRUSH 2018! xo Coach Liz

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