Take it outside … and SPRINT!

Take it outside … and SPRINT!

Sprinting is one of the BEST and most challenging exercises.

🔥Sprinting is an anaerobic exercise , meaning that it requires short bursts of energy that produce lactic acid.

🔥Because sprinting is an anaerobic exercise, it works to build muscle in the same way that weight training does.

🔥Sprinters have the best glutes and incredible physiques, for a reason!

🔥Sprinting is a metabolic beast, it BURNS a ton of calories in a short amount of time.

🔥A true SPRINT involves your upper and lower body.

🔥Practice “feeding the ducks” behind you, bringing your thumb to your chin and then back, head forward and neck neutral and shoulders relaxed.

🔥I don’t believe that you are truly sprint on a treadmill, you can run fast but it’s not a true sprint.

🔥To maximize your sprint, TAKE IT OUTSIDE!!

Happy Sprinting! xo Coach Jen

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