The Keto Craze!

The Keto Craze!


Here is the deal… I am not a fan of ANY fad diet… and I see Keto as just that.

Now Im not talking about using Keto for medical reasons. There is evidence that proves it helps people that suffer from many illnesses and conditions.

I am strictly talking about using Keto for AESTHETICS.

The real deal is that most of the time an individual never even really enters true Ketosis.

Ya see… Ketosis is a normal metabolic process, something that your does to keep working. When your body doesnt have enough carbs from food for your cells to burn for energy it burns fat instead. As part of this process it burns ketones.

If your healthy and follow a well balance nutrition plan, your body controls how much fat it burns and you dont normally make or use ketones.

But when you cut way back on your calories and carbs your body will eventually switch to Ketosis for energy.

It takes 5-7 days to even hit ketosis… then when you get there… you will likely feel like death aka the Keto flu. Then once you have an off plan meal (non keto meal), you are OUT of ketosis.

My issue is that IT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE.

Are you REALLY going to eat a super high fat , almost no carb diet forever?

Anything that isnt sustainable is a FAD. I am not interested in prescribing QUICK FIXES to our clients.

We want to teach clients to eat for their health and performance… sure aesthetics plays its part… but I would never prescribe a nutrition plan that was detrimental to someones health or not sustainable.

Now… please keep in mind that I am generalizing… I am speaking to the mass demographic.

Bottomline, the average Joe that needs to shed a few lbs of body fat is not going to see sustainable results with ANY FAD DIET.

Instead… shoot for a well balanced plan that truly FUELS your body!

xo Coach Jen

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