How do the TRX and other suspension trainers work?

How do the TRX and other suspension trainers work?

By: Coach Bri from NV PT at TFS in Dudley

Ever wonder HOW and WHY we use the TRX and other suspension trainers in our prorgamming?!

TRX is a brand that has produced a suspension trainer along with several other pieces of functional training equipment.

The TRX suspension trainer was originally developed by a Navy Seal. Sounds intense right? Well, although the TRX suspension trainer can initially look confusing and intimidating, it is a great and simple way to bring variety to anyone’s workout.

The TRX can help benefit beginners and even professional athletes. All you need is the suspension trainer for an effective workout that constantly engages your core muscles.

Depending on your goal, you can alter your workout simply based on your body position. You can build a workout focused on strength with less reps and higher resistance or a workout focused on endurance with more reps and less resistance.

You are able to do this without picking up any dumbbells or barbells! How awesome is that?!

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