Coach Mike’s take on REST days!

Coach Mike’s take on REST days!

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Importance of Rest Day!!

What’s up guys!! Nothing feels better than absolutely CRUSHING a workout.  But, after a kickass workout, your body is sure to let you know the next day or two!  So, on top of your everyday workouts, I just wanted to write a quick tip this week on the importance of REST DAYS!!

Sleep is such an important part of the recovery process. During your deepest parts of sleep, this gives your muscles, nerves, bones, and connective tissue time to rebuild.  Not to mention, sleep is important for maintaining good health on many other levels as well.

If your goal is building muscle, but you’re not getting quality amounts of sleep on a regular basis, you will absolutely see negative  effects. Your body won’t have its chance to heal. You are increasing your chances in loss of muscle mass, muscle tissue damage, decreased daily energy, and increased chances of injury.

Work hard, but work smart!  Rest days are just as important for your muscles as they are for your mental health!

Plan your recovery days, and always come to the gym ready to bring it!!

Cheers guys!!

Coach Mike



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