Change your habits…INSTEAD!

Change your habits…INSTEAD!


Inspiration Never Stops To Enjoy Another’s Downfall (INSTEAD)

Nothing about fitness is easy:
Choosing to use the stairs instead of the elevator.
Choosing to wake up early to hit the gym instead of staying up late partying.
Choosing to double down on salad instead of leaving room for dessert.
Choosing to be sore instead of being blissfully pain-free…
The list goes on forever… Doing something HARD instead of something EASY. Following your ideals and sticking to your guns instead of submitting to the masses. With all of this in mind, we personal trainers have some serious work ahead of us. It is our job to make the impossible possible for some. While for others, we give to them that little extra that makes them extraordinary. We look at all of those “insteads” and we make them a reality. In a world where health and wellness are thrown to the side to make room for ease and convenience, I am glad I chose the path I did.
I chose to inspire others instead of stifle them.
I chose to help instead of harm.
I chose to motivate change in others instead of perpetuate toxicity.
I chose to put myself on the front lines of the War on Weight and fight for what I believe in instead of sit on my booty and watch those around me fail.
I chose THIS instead of that… and so can you.

Keep it fierce! Kyle

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